Maggie Duarte Counselling - West Bay, Bridport and West Dorset



Relationship problems, anxiety, depression, anger, bereavement, low self estee and family difficulties, affect most of us at some point.  Life events can unsettle us, we might lose our sense of identity and purpose.  In those times it can be difficult to make decisions or even think.  


I work with people to identify and manage change in their lives.  Whether it is a relationship, or personal issue, therapy can be tailored to the individual and their needs. For some the thought of change can be challenging, counselling can help the process feel less lonely.  Winter can be especially difficult for some, learning to develop coping strategies to enable people to get the most out of life can be very useful.


I am an experienced, accredited counsellor and couples counsellor, working in West Bay, Bridport, West Dorset. I am also a trained therapeutic mediator working with people to resolve disputes and conflict.


There are times in most people's lives when support would make a difference.  Please go to About Counselling to find out more.



Please contact me if you would like to know anything not included in this website, or you would like to discuss what difference counselling could make to you.